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KIPP press releases
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Ball lock pins, adjustable versions and products with head end lock
Adjustable versions and products with head end lock
New ball lock pins
 03_KIPP_PM_Kugelsperrbolzen_EN 33,7 kB
 Image_2019_11 1.013 kB

More room for the future:
HEINRICH KIPP WERK expands apprentice workshop

 19_09_KIPP_Vergroesserung_Lehrwerkstatt_2019_EN 241 kB
 Images_2019_09_2 7,7 MB

100 % future since 1919: KIPP presents innovations in its centenary year
HEINRICH KIPP WERK at the 2019 Motek

 19_09_KIPP_Motek_EN 71,4 kB
 Images_2019_09 2,7 MB

Standard elements for the packaging industry
HEINRICH KIPP WERK at the 2019 FachPack

 19_09_KIPP_FachPack_DE 36,3 kB
 Images_2019_09_01 9,1 MB

The key to more security
Lockable operating grip from KIPP

 19_07_KIPP_Bediengriffe_abschliessbar_EN 67,4 kB
 Image_2019_07 856 kB
5-axis module clamping system 138
KIPP 5-axis clamping system for 40 tonne workpieces
The system has proven itself - with high stability and reliability.
 19_05_KIPP_5-Achs-Modul-Spannsystem_138_EN 99,2 kB
 Image_19_05 1,7 MB
Quickly clamped, securely held - KIPP Toggle clamps
 19_03_KIPP_Schnellspanner_Erweiterung_EN 49,6 kB
 Image_19_03 11,9 MB
For large quantities
KIPP introduces pneumatic clamping elements
 18_11-KIPP_Spannelemente_pneumatisch_EN 99,7 kB
 Image_18_11 446 kB
KIPP presents the smart product range FEATURE grip
 18_10-KIPP_FEATURE_grip_EN 124 kB
 Image_18_10 2,4 MB
Flexible zero-point clamping system in size 138
KIPP 5-axis modular clamping system for XXL workpieces
 18_09-KIPP-5-Achs-Modul-Spannsystem_138_EN 1,9 MB
 Image_18_09 3,1 MB
Self-righting for rapid setups
KIPP presents new self-aligning pads in four versions
 18_08-KIPP-Pendelauflagen-selbsttaetig-rueckschwenkend_EN 84 kB
 Image_18_08 3,1 MB
Spring prevents tilting
KIPP optimises the clamp stop for slot profiles
 18_03-KIPP-Klemmanschlag_Nutprofile_EN 1,9 MB
 Image_18_03_21 1,6 MB
Working environment and job security persuasive
KIPP is Top Employer under mid-tier companies 2018
 18_01-KIPP_Top-Arbeitgeber_Mittelstand_EN 243 kB
 Image_18_01_24 1,8 MB

Dimensionally stable by 250 °C
KIPP introduces thermoplastic heat resistant pull handles

 18_01-KIPP_Buegelgriffe_Thermoplast_EN 100 kB
 Image_18_01 3,6 MB
KIPP Ball lock pins: Its all in the grip
 17_09-KIPP-Kugelsperrbolzen_MOTEK_EN 122 kB
 Image_17_09_15 5,4 MB
UNI lock clamping technology saves setup times
 17_08-KIPP-Kompatibilitaet-UNI_lock_EN 123 kB
 Image_17_08_11 3,7 MB
KIPP stainless steel products: Now in Matt-Look
 17_07-KIPP-Edelstahlprodukte-Matt-Look_EN 59,2 kB
 Image_17_07_17 2,3 MB
Configurator for pull handles and ball knobs
Operating parts from the 3D printer
 17_06-KIPP-3D-Konfigurator_EN 134 kB
 Image_17_06_17 3,3 MB
User friendly clamping lever with push button
To disengage!
KIPP presents a user friendly clamping lever with push button
 17_04-KIPP-Klemmhebel-Druckknopf_EN 58,2 kB
 Image_17_04_2 3,6 MB
KIPP Quarter-turn clamp locks K1061

Secure locking with sweep of the hand
KIPP introduces new locking elements

 17_03-KIPP_VERSCHLUSSelemente_EN 173 kB
 Image_17_03_17 5,3 MB

Quick connections
New KIPP ball lock pins with a simple principle

 17_04-KIPP-Kugelsperrbolzen_Plattform_EN 1,8 MB
 Image_17_04 1,9 MB

Low-budget design
The ECO is setting new standards when it comes to price-performance ratio

 16_11-KIPP-Klemmhebel-ECO-EN 64,7 kB
 Image_16_11_1 3,3 MB

Mechanics with a click signal
KIPP introduces a new torque triangular grip

 16_11_KIPP_Triangular_torque_grips_EN 49,2 kB
 Image_16_11 1,6 MB

Clamping, machining, finishing – all-round solutions from KIPP

 16_08_KIPP_AMB_2016_EN 99,5 kB
 Image_16_08 16,7 MB

MEDI grip products for the most demanding hygiene requirements

 16_08_KIPP_MEDI_grip_EN 85,1 kB
 Image_16_08_1 3,2 MB

NATURE grip: KIPP manufactures grips from bio plastic

 16_06_KIPP_NATURE_grip_EN 42,6 kB
 image_16_06 1,5 MB

KIPP expands its product line of adjustable TUBULAR HANDLES

 16_04_KIPP_ROHRGRIFFE_einstellbar_EN 41,4 kB
 Image_16_06_1 1,4 MB
KIPP steel clamping levers

Robust steel clamping lever

 Stable and efficient 324 kB
 Image_15_11 2,1 MB
KIPP compact aluminium tubular handle

Innovative design for machine housings

 Image_15_10 3,8 MB
KIPP UNI lock zero point clamping system

KIPP introduces the variable UNI lock zero-point clamping system

 KIPP introduces the variable UNI lock zero-point clamping system 44,1 kB
 Image_15_09 4,1 MB
TÜV Service Very good

KIPP receives TÜV certification for provision of services

 KIPP receives TÜV certification for service performance 88,9 kB
 Images_15_06_17 300 kB
Durability of KIPP metal scales scores highly

Durability of KIPP Metal Scales Scores Highly

 Durability of KIPP Metal Scales Scores Highly 1,9 MB
 Images_14_12 2,5 MB
KIPP toggle clamp now also available in stainless steel
KIPP toggle clamp now available in stainless steel
 KIPP toggle clamp now available in stainless steel 53,3 kB
 Images_14_10 3,7 MB
Cockatoo clamping lever in new colours
Greater individuality with the 2K COCKATOO
 Kipp clamping levers in new colours 49,3 kB
 Image_14_05_01 447 kB
KIPP TOUCAN clamping lever sets new standards
TOUCAN sets new standards in cost effectiveness
 KIPP TOUCAN sets new standards 219 kB
 Image_14_05 2,4 MB
KIPP 5-axis compact clamping system
New Clamping Physics in Workpiece Clamping Technology
 20.03.2014 - 5-axis compact clamping system 2,6 MB
 Images_14_03 2,1 MB
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