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Secure locking with snap locks from KIPP

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Snap locks for secure latching

HEINRICH KIPP WERK has developed new plastic snap locks. These are produced locally in Germany. The products were specially designed for flush, particularly space-saving installation in doors, hatches or drawers. Users just have to push the respective feature to - the snap function guarantees secure latching. The installation of the devices is as simple as its use.

The snap locks are available in the following versions:

  • The models with fold-down grips are available in four versions for door leaf thicknesses 2 to 22 mm, and as lockable versions. The available colours are: black, white, beige or black with a chromed grip.
  • Snap-in snap locks are meant for thin doors of 0.6 to 1 mm thickness and can be installed without tools.
  • By the versions with recessed knob for door leaf thicknesses of 1.2 mm to 19 mm, the knob springs out when pressed. Some models have a twist knob. This product group is available in black, white, beige and chromed.
Snap locks ensure reliable latching in areas where conventional latching mechanisms could open unintentionally due to sudden movements or vibrations - i.e. on ships or in vehicles. But snap locks are also required in the packaging industry, medical technology and machine construction.
Snap locks, plastic with fold-down grip - K1651
Snap locks, plastic with fold-down grip - K1651
Installation in mounting holes.
Plastic snap-in snap locks with grip - K1652
Plastic snap-in snap locks with grip - K1652
Safe locking of maintenance flaps.
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