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Wedge clampsjaw face smooth or serrated

Wedge clamps jaw face smooth or serrated

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DescriptionMaterial:Wedge and jaw segments carbon steel.Version:Wedge and jaw segments hardened, black.Note:The functioning principle make the wedge clamps ideal for series clamping. The wedge form can exert high clamping forces.
These wedge clamps can be mounted in grid holes or T-slots. Tightening the socket screw moves the wedge down and the jaws out pressing the workpieces against the fixtures fixed stops.
The wedge has a slightly elongated hole allowing for movement to compensate for tolerances.

Spread width:
M8 = ±0.5 mm
M10 = ±1.0 mm
M12 = ±1.0 mm
M16 = ±1.5 mm
Drawing reference:
D) DIN 6912 cap screw

1) Jaw face smooth
2) Jaw face serrated
3) Wedge clamps
4) Workpiece
5) Fixed stop
Special features:
DownloadHere is all the information as a PDF datasheet:

Are you looking for CAD data? These can be found directly in the product table.
 Datasheet K0039 Wedge clampsjaw face smooth or serrated 197 kB


Wedge clampsjaw face smooth or serrated

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Order No.VersionA
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K0039.1108smooth version30,533,52415M8X2521525 77.05 €
K0039.1110smooth version32372819M10X253,52049 101.92 €
K0039.1112smooth version4449,53022M12X403,53085 113.10 €
K0039.1116smooth version55624029M16X60450210 160.34 €
K0039.2108serrated30,533,52415M8X2521525 80.77 €
K0039.2110serrated32372819M10X253,52049 106.88 €
K0039.2112serrated4449,53022M12X403,53085 115.58 €
K0039.2116serrated55624029M16X60450210 166.55 €
K0039.1208smooth version30,533,53015M8X2521525 95.70 €
K0039.1210smooth version32373819M10X253,52049 119.31 €
K0039.1212smooth version4449,54822M12X403,53085 139.20 €
K0039.1216smooth version55624829M16X60450210 178.97 €
K0039.2208serrated30,533,53015M8X2521525 100.67 €
K0039.2210serrated32373819M10X253,52049 123.05 €
K0039.2212serrated4449,54822M12X403,53085 144.17 €
K0039.2216serrated55624829M16X60450210 185.19 €
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