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DescriptionMaterial:Grip and housing die-cast zinc.Version:Grip and housing powder-coated black or silver.Note:When the grip is pulled out, hatches, covers, hoods or doors are opened remotely and invisibly with a Bowden cable.
The lockable releases are each supplied with 2 keys. The key can be removed in both positions (open and closed). The locks have a single key system, i.e. every lock can be opened with the same key.The Bowden cable is not included.
Application:The remote actuation is used where tight spaces are making it difficult to operate, or where remote actuation is required for ergonomic or safety reasons.Assembly:Form A: rear.
Form B: front.
Advantages:Actuation possible in inaccessible assembly spaces.
Ergonomically optimised actuating position possible.
Actuation possible even when safety distances are required.
Accessory:Bowden cable K1646Drawing reference:
1) Bowden cable link
Special features:
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 Datasheet K1481 Remote release, zink 334 kB


Remote release, zink

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K1481.2111114511with lockAblackblack9947,93630,162,65625,55110,967,4Mounted from rear 28.10 €
K1481.2101114511with lockBblackblack9947,93630,163,4-25,5-110,96-Mounted from front 28.10 €
K1481.2011114511without lockAblackblack9947,93630,162,65625,55110,967,4Mounted from rear 25.43 €
K1481.2001114511without lockBblackblack9947,93630,163,4-25,5-110,96-Mounted from front 25.43 €
K1481.2111114522with lockAsilversilver9947,93630,162,65625,55110,967,4Mounted from rear 28.10 €
K1481.2101114522with lockBsilversilver9947,93630,163,4-25,5-110,96-Mounted from front 28.10 €
K1481.2011114522without lockAsilversilver9947,93630,162,65625,55110,967,4Mounted from rear 25.43 €
K1481.2001114522without lockBsilversilver9947,93630,163,4-25,5-110,96-Mounted from front 25.43 €
K1481.2111114512with lockAblacksilver9947,93630,162,65625,55110,967,4Mounted from rear 28.10 €
K1481.2101114512with lockBblacksilver9947,93630,163,4-25,5-110,96-Mounted from front 28.10 €
K1481.2011114512without lockAblacksilver9947,93630,162,65625,55110,967,4Mounted from rear 25.43 €
K1481.2001114512without lockBblacksilver9947,93630,163,4-25,5-110,96-Mounted from front 25.43 €
K1481.2111114521with lockAsilverblack9947,93630,162,65625,55110,967,4Mounted from rear 28.10 €
K1481.2101114521with lockBsilverblack9947,93630,163,4-25,5-110,96-Mounted from front 28.10 €
K1481.2011114521without lockAsilverblack9947,93630,162,65625,55110,967,4Mounted from rear 25.43 €
K1481.2001114521without lockBsilverblack9947,93630,163,4-25,5-110,96-Mounted from front 25.43 €
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