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Toggle clamps, power clamps

Toggle clamps, power clamps

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Toggle clamps are used to hold and clamp workpieces. They find use on assembly and clamping fixtures. These products are designed for the assembly technology, clamping technology, tool construction and fixture construction.

A wide choice of toggle clamps at KIPP

Basically, the toggle clamps from HEINRICH KIPP WERK can be divided into three different design types:

- Horizontal toggle clamps
- Vertical toggle clamps
- Push-pull clamps

By the horizontal toggle clamps the operating lever is in an horizontal start position, while it is vertical by the vertical toggle clamps. The grips are made from an oil resistant plastic and offer good haptics.

The clamping height on both the horizontal and vertical KIPP toggle clamps can be adjusted with the thrust screw. This allows a practical height adjustment within 35 mm by almost uniform clamping force. The clamping force can be adjusted to suit the application by up to 2.500 N, using a setscrew in the joint under the lever.

KIPP toggle clamps are available in versions with a horizontal foot or a vertical foot. This allows the clamps to be mounted according to the individual mounting specifications. The thrust screws can be manually adjusted to suit the situation. KIPP have steel or stainless steel toggle clamps on offer.

The push-pull clamps are very compact and have a high clamping force. Another advantage is the easy, clear handling. Push-pull toggle clamps have a linear force action.

The high quality KIPP toggle clamps are very robust and ideally suited for use in the machine construction sector. - TRUST IN KIPP.

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